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Ladies and gentlemen, we are The Fun Size.

The band was formed in late 2010 by John Michael and Kevin Cooper, who worked together in The Kevin Fox Band. Though it began as a side project, it quickly evolved into a well-rounded band that plays a broad range of material, and appeals to an equally broad range of venues. The Fun Size has a full sound and confidently drives every event as pure entertainers. The additions of Lonn Koressel in 2016 and Jason Melling in 2018 gave our band a powerhouse sound that makes us unstoppable!

Our song list indicates our ability to play your favorites, as well as a large number of popular songs that you generally don't hear other bands play in the Cincinnati area.

You can hire The Fun Size today for your upcoming events... contact us now!

Lonn Koressel keyboard/percussion/vocals

John Michael bass/guitar/vocals

Kevin Cooper guitar/keyboard/bass/vocals

Jason Melling drums